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Safety Light Curtains
Safety Light Curtians

Powerful Solutions for Today's Tough Automation Guarding Problems
STI provides seven safety light curtain families to solve your optical guarding needs. From compact models designed for machine locations where space is tight, to larger, robust light curtains powerful enough to guard large perimeters. STI offers you a choice, because when it comes to automation safeguarding, one size does not fit all.

Optimized Performance
STI safety light curtains are fit for use - meaning, you can select a system in the size and with the specifications you need to optimize performance. Our designs allow you to tailor a system for the lowest possible system cost, so you're only paying for what you need.

Unbiased Recommendation
Supplying such an extensive array of light curtains and controls guarantees that STI will give you an unbiased recommendation for what will work best in your particular situation. Our wide product line means you don't have to struggle to "make one fit." We don't have to force your application to fit our light curtain. From tight spaces to perimeter guarding, we provide the correct product for the job.

Lowest System Cost
When it comes to designing a cost-effective safety system, flexibility is the key. STI allows you to combine a variety of controllers, transmitters, and receivers to create systems which meet your requirements. As an example, our popular MiniSafe series transmitters and receivers can be used with our standard Universal controller, a panel-mount version of the Universal controller, or our popular DuoSafe controller. The DuoSafe allows two safety light curtains to be operated from one controller with either common or independent safety outputs.

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