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ABB Tension Controls

Roll Force

Millmate Roll Force Systems has long set the industry standard for the measurement of rapid changes in roll separation forces in hot and cold rolling mills. In fact, ABB is the leading international supplier of this type of technique. Fast and accurate measurements provided by the system optimize gauge and roll eccentricity control and simplify mill leveling.

Load cell
At the system's core are load cells that incorporate ABB's electromagnetic Pressductor transducer with up to 1,500 measuring zones. This design achieves outstanding load integration and has demonstrated remarkable performance reliability, accuracy and stability in severe conditions for decades. The stainless steel construction provides high corrosion resistance and up to 500 percent overload tolerance. Unlike strain gauge load cells, it is virtually immune to electrical interference and earth faults.

Three load cell configurations and several standard sizes provide measurements for every conceivable roll force application.
  • Circular - for installation under the mill screws or hydraulic actuators.
  • Rectangular - for installation under the lower backup roll chock.
  • Annular - for installation between the mill stand and nut.
Control System
A standard system consists of two load cells, a control panel, and signal processing that provides the fast step response (0.5 ms) needed to control rapid force changes. All other functions, including parameter adjustments and self diagnostics, are provided by microprocessor-based electronics. Instructions and data retrieval are handled via an internal key panel or data link. The system is self-monitoring, but the operator can readily access a battery of test functions.

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