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ABB Tension Controls

Millmate Weighing Systems

Standard & custom weighing systems from ABB are used extensively to improve quality, reduce waste, save time, increase production, track data and generally simplify operations. The advantages of ABB's advanced and versatile weighing solutions have been demonstrated in hundreds of installations worldwide.

Metals applications usually involve the most demanding environments imaginable for weighing systems, characterized by high mechanical impact, intense heat, dust, electrical noise, and moisture. Any shortcomings in the weighing function can result in serious setbacks in productivity and quality. Choosing a weighing supplier should not only involve the evaluation of products, but also of application experience, installed base, engineering capabilities and resources for service and support. For optimal results, the weighing supplier should be engaged at all stages of a project, right from the outset.

Installations in mills around the world have proven over more than 30 years that there are no more rugged and reliable sensors for weighing applications than ABB's Pressductor load cells. They are the most widely used load cells in steel industry weighing, for example, with installation in most scrap, ladle and crane weighing applications.

The advanced electronics Millmate Controller 400W adds communication and control capacity to the advantages of the load cell to make the ABB weighing system a complete, accurate and controllable system.

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