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ABB Tension Controls

Loop Position

ABB Loop Scanner Systems
ABB Loop Scanner Systems provides accurate and reliable information about rod and bar rolling. The ABB Loop Scanner Systems ensures accurate and reliable information about loop positions so that tension free loops can be achieved by mill regulation. The Loop Scanner is a scanning, measuring sensor, sensitive to IR radiation emitted by hot products.

Product evolution without end
Today's ABB Loop Scanner generation, QGLF 111 offers improved performance and functionality.
  • New infrared detector for improved performance and measuring range
  • Pyrometer function for material temperature measurement
  • Built-in laser for scanner alignment
  • Improved remote supervision and tuning
  • Capability for data logging
  • Ideal for any rolling mill control system
Take the temperature of the loop
Besides supplying the loop position and functioning as a hot metal detector, the scanner now also measures the material temperature. The scanning peak level detection technique ensures correct temperature measurements despite cold zones, water spray or millscales on the material.

Loop Scanner Systems for any rolling mill control system
The Loop Scanner is connected to the rolling mill control system via the Data Processing Unit, QGLA 111, and provides analog output as well as digital input and output signals that are suited to any control system. Communication to PC is possible via V24 interface. The ABB Rolling Mill Control (RMC) system directly integrates the loop scanner without employing the data processing unit. By separating the scanner unit and the data processing function, the signal interface from the scanner can be made insensitive to electrical interference.

Knowing more about your process and loop scanner
An interaction program for PC exists, allowing setting of loop scanner parameters, as well as indicating scanner status, alarms and logging of process data.

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