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  Circuit Board Repair
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Circuit Board Repair

Industrial Electronics covers a wide range of equipment. We repair the following types of industrial equipment: Electronic Motor Drives, Temperature Controllers, Process Controllers, Batch Controllers (M-Trims), Soft-Starters, Power Supplies, and numerous other electronic devices used in controlling industrial electronic equipment.

When your repair order is received, the boards are given to one of our qualified technicians for repair. We have built custom bench-test fixtures and have in-depth test procedures on many types of circuit cards. After the repairs are made, the boards are cleaned to remove any remaining debris and solder flux. Before the boards are packed for return, DCMC technicians puts the boards through a simulated load test and our quality assurance test where they are inspected for workmanship and cleanliness. All repair information, parts, labor, technician, condition of equipment, and etc. is stored in a database for quick future reference.

Circuit Board

The most important factor is your confidence in our ability to provide quality work, speedy turn-a-round at a reasonable price. We provide free evaluation and no repair will exceed 60% of replacement cost without your written permission.

A number of catalogs and repair pricing lists are published by our competition...... they're all based on replacement cost! The cost to research and to publish this information will be passed on to you in higher repair cost. At DCMC, your repair cost is parts and labor.

DCMC provides a wide range of services ranging from simple shop repairs, to preventive maintenance programs and onsite technical service. Whatever your needs from factory authorized service, to locating difficult-to-find parts, to designing a new drive system, we can do it for you.

To help us help you, we ask that you submit a Purchase Order with your repairs. Your Purchase Order speeds the repair process and that means faster turn around for you.

You can play a major role in our circuit board repair by submitting to us the specific manufacture type or model that your circuit boards came from. This is the first step in retrieving proper technical documentation to repair your boards. You can send us an email or simply include this information with your purchase order. Again, this information speeds up the repair process.

We appreciate all your business and any further assistance you give us is tremendously welcomed. At DCMC, our goal is to continually provide leadership in Service, Innovative System Solutions and Quality Products.

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